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Issues of the journal The Spiritual World can be read online, free of charge.


The Spiritual World 2/2018
  • Jesus – The Redeemer of Mankind
  • There Was No Return to Heaven Prior to Christ’s Redemption

E-Journal, 17 pages (PDF)
Issue 2/2018
The Spiritual World 3/2018
  • Sources of Strength and Confidence on the Path of Life
  • Marked for a Special Task

E-Journal, 13 pages (PDF)
Issue 3/2018
The Spiritual World 4/2018
  • How Human Beings Are Judged and Organized by the Divine World
  • Visiting Three Altars

E-Journal, 17 pages (PDF)
Issue 4/2018
The Spiritual World 5/2018
  • How Prayers Are Answered – Experiences of a Guardian Spirit
  • The Effect of Prayers for the Deceased
  • The Our Father – Christianity’s Most Important Prayer

E-Journal, 24 pages (PDF)
Issue 5/2018
The Spiritual World 6/2018
  • Awakening in Heavenly Bliss
  • Strengthened and Trained Human Beings Are Required for Spiritual Progress on Earth

E-Journal, 17 pages (PDF)
Issue 6/2018
The Spiritual World 1/2018
  • The Reason behind Human Life
  • How the Rift in the Spiritual World Came About

E-Journal, 16 pages (PDF)
Issue 1/2018