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Kiran Village

Medical care, therapy, school, and vocational training for disabled children and young people in Varanasi, India

Kiran Village, on the outskirts of the north Indian metropolis Varanasi, is a center of excellence for children and young people with physical or learning disabilities as a result of cerebral palsy, polio, rickets, or tuberculosis.

A team of well-trained specialists advises and accompanies affected families and offers their children an individually-tailored range of therapies, care, and training. Around 400 pupils attend the day schools of Kiran every day. In addition to their tuition and according to their needs, they receive physiotherapy, orthopedic care, special educational support, or extra assistance. Kiran has its own orthopedic workshop that produces custom-made orthoses and prostheses as well other aids such as crutches, rollators, or wheelchairs. Also affiliated to Kiran Village is a technical school for special educational needs teachers.

In order to achieve the goal of a better integration into society, further support is given to young people who leave Kiran after their schooling. They are helped either to attend further education, to complete a vocational training, or to take up employment. If necessary, young people are loaned a microcredit to help start their financial independence, for example, to purchase a goat or a cow, or to start a tea shop.

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