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The beginnings of GL Zürich date back to the 1940s and are closely associated with the medium Beatrice Brunner.
Photo: Tonhalle in Zurich with over 1,200 attendees


Beatrice Brunner

Birthplace of medium Beatrice Brunner in Siebnen in the Swiss Canton of Schwyz
Portrait of medium Beatrice Brunner as a young woman

Beatrice Brunner is born on 27 February 1910 in canton Schwyz in Switzerland. Already at an early age, she moves to Zurich and works as a dressmaker in a well-known fashion house. In the mid-1930s, she starts a family and becomes the mother of two sons.



Search for Knowledge

Cover of the book Die Toten Leben – Unsterblichkeitsbeweise der Seele by Arthur Brunner

Arthur Brunner, Beatrice’s husband, publishes a book with the title Die Toten Leben (The Dead Live). Through this publication, a small group of spiritually-interested people comes together in order to deepen its knowledge on questions of faith.


Mediumistic Breakthrough

Portrait of medium Beatrice Brunner at the start of her mediumistic work

During the Christmas of 1945, Beatrice Brunner has a breakthrough with the gift of clairvoyance and clairaudience, and soon afterward her ability to speak in deep trance is revealed.



First Address by Joseph

Medium Beatrice Brunner and husband Arthur Brunner in the circle of attendees of spirit-teacher Joseph’s first lectures

In a small private circle, spirit Joseph speaks for the first time through the medium Beatrice Brunner; he will become the community’s spiritual teacher for the next 35 years. His addresses are initially recorded in shorthand, then later on audiotape.


Foundation of Geistige Loge Zürich

On 23 October 1948, spirit-teacher Joseph gives a lecture in front of a larger group of people for the first time. This day is regarded as the founding of the Geistige Loge Zürich (Spiritual Lodge Zurich), known today as GL Zürich. From then on, Joseph gives a lecture every Saturday through the medium Beatrice Brunner and, in addition, answers audience questions one evening a week.
The name Geistige Loge (Spiritual Lodge) is based on the following considerations: while the word “geistig” (spiritual) refers to a world beyond, the term “loge” (lodge) denotes a place, a worthy setting, where likeminded people come together.
GL Zürich (Geistige Loge Zürich) is the oldest Christian spiritual community in German-speaking countries. According to its statutes, it is an association for the preservation, development, and spread of Christian spirituality. It is free from denominational and political ties.



“Messages from the Beyond”

Cover of the book Botschaften aus dem Jenseits by medium Beatrice Brunner, containing the first lectures given by spirit-teacher Joseph

Between 1949 and 1951, the three volumes of Botschaften aus dem Jenseits (Messages from the Beyond) are published. They contain the first lectures and question-and-answer sessions communicated through Beatrice Brunner. The lectures, which were initially recorded in shorthand, are now recorded on magnetic wire.


“Geistige Welt” Journal

An issue of the journal Geistige Welt from 1954 by medium Beatrice Brunner, with lectures given by spirit-teacher Joseph

The lectures from spirit-teacher Joseph, already published since October 1948, appear for the first time under the title Geistige Welt (The Spiritual World) in journal format. In the first few years, the journal appeared fortnightly. It is the community’s publication channel.



Academy of Music

Zurich’s Academy of Music, where spirit-teacher Joseph gave lectures through medium Beatrice Brunner from 1950 to 1982

4 February 1950: the first lecture by spirit-teacher Joseph in the large hall of Zurich’s Academy of Music. For the following 33 years, the weekly Saturday evening lectures by spirit-teacher Joseph take place in this 350-seat hall.

The hall of Zurich’s Academy of Music during a lecture given by spirit-teacher Joseph through medium Beatrice Brunner


Community’s First Hall

The property at Münchhaldenstrasse 9 in Zurich, with GL Zürich’s first own hall and office

Inauguration of the community’s first hall (120 seats) at Münchhaldenstrasse 9 in Zürich. At the inauguration ceremony, spirit Linus speaks though the medium of Beatrice for the first time. He introduces himself as the guardian spirit of Beatrice and spiritual leader of the community.
The office of GL Zürich and a small printing press are also set up in the property of Münchhaldenstrasse.



Meditations with Lene

In April 1955, the meditation evenings with spirit-teacher Lene begin in the hall on Münchhaldenstrasse. Her first lectures are an introduction to meditation. She explains how one can connect in spirit to the world beyond and thereby find strength and healing for body, spirit, and soul.


Lecture Tours in Germany

Portrait of medium Beatrice Brunner from the sixties

First lecture tour with medium Beatrice Brunner to Germany and Denmark. Further lecture tours to various cities in Germany follow until the year 1967. They establish the foundations for the community’s subsequent “circles of friends” in Germany.



First Audiotape Recordings

Revox reel-to-reel tape recorder from the seventies

The mediumistic addresses are recorded on reel-to-reel audiotapes for the first time and can thereby be archived with their original wording. (The earlier recordings on magnetic wire had to be erased after they were transcribed for the journal.) Between 1957 and 1983, a total of approximately 1,500 addresses are recorded on tape, each lasting over an hour.


Personal Accounts from the Beyond

Cover of the book Was uns erwartet by medium Beatrice Brunner, with a selection of personal accounts from deceased human beings

5 March 1958 is the beginning of a lecture series given by ascending spirit beings – that is, deceased human beings who report on their experiences in the beyond after earthly death. By 1970, 91 such firsthand testimonies have been conveyed. In 1962, a selection of these personal accounts is published for the first time in the book Was uns erwatet – Erfahrungsberichte aus der Geistigen Welt (What Awaits Us – Personal Accounts from the Spiritual World).



First Meditation Week

Aerial photo of the village of Hemberg in St. Gallen, venue of the first meditation week with spirit-teacher Lene

In July 1959, the first meditation week with spirit-teacher Lene takes place with 38 attendees in Hemberg, a small village in the canton of St. Gallen.
Now held annually, this week of reflection is taken by spirit-teacher Lene as an opportunity to convey to the listeners deeper spiritual knowledge. The week’s lectures are published in the book series called Meditationswoche (Meditation Week).



Charity for People in Need

Symbolic image for the founding of Hilfsaktion gegen Hunger

Establishment of the “Hilfsaktion gegen Hunger” (Relief Action Against Hunger). To date, the community has raised over 10 million Swiss francs for people in need. In order to better administer this commitment, the charitable association Hilfswerk GL Zürich was founded in 2009.



“The Spiritual World” Journal

Cover of an issue of the English-language journal The Spiritual World from 1965 by medium Beatrice Brunner

The English-language counterpart of the journal Geistige Welt is published under the title The Spiritual World, containing translations of the lectures. The journal is initially published once a month, and is today available as a bimonthly e-journal.



Meditation Weeks in Flims

The pavilion of the Art Nouveau-style hall of Parkhotels Flims Waldhaus

In September 1966, with over 300 attendees, the community’s annual meditation week takes place in Flims in the canton of Graubünden in Switzerland for the first time. The hotel Flims-Waldhaus, with its historic hall, remains the venue for this week of inner reflection until 2014.

Art Nouveau-style hall of Parkhotels Flims Waldhaus during a lecture given by spirit-teacher Lene through medium Beatrice Brunner



Television Documentary

Medium Beatrice Brunner during a television interview with a reporter from Süddeutscher Rundfunk

On 8 July 1967, a team from the German television station Süddeutsche Rundfunk attend a service with medium Beatrice Brunner. The first film recording of a mediumistic address by spirit-teacher Joseph is made for a television documentary.


Introductory Book “Geborgenheit”

Cover of the book Geborgenheit, vom Leben nach dem Tode, the classic of Christian spiritual teaching by Walther Hinz

Publication of the book Geborgenheit by Prof. Dr. Walther Hinz. This introduction to Christian spirituality is reprinted five times by 1977 and achieves a total circulation of 100,000 copies. An English translation is published under the title The Corner Stone in 1977.




First Video Recording

Medium Beatrice Brunner in trance during a lecture by spirit-teacher Joseph, recorded on video for the first time

As of 10 December 1977, the mediumistic lectures are recorded on video. By January 1983, 180 lectures have thus been preserved on video for future generations.


Zurich’s Tonhalle

The Tonhalle in Zurich, where from 1979 onward lectures were held by the spiritual teachers through medium Beatrice Brunner

First service in the large hall of Zurich’s Tonhalle, with over 1,200 visitors. At the Christmas celebration in December 1982, more than 1,700 visitors mean that an additional seating area has to be opened so that everyone can take part in the service.

The large hall of the Tonhalle Zürich during a lecture given by spirit-teacher Joseph through medium Beatrice Brunner



Beatrice Brunner Returns Home

Portrait of medium Beatrice Brunner from the seventies

20 September 1983: Beatrice Brunner passes on. She leaves behind a spiritual treasure of over 2,000 lectures communicated by the world beyond.



Hall in Zurich

Hall building and center of the Christian spiritual community GL Zürich at Letzigraben 117

Inauguration of the hall at Letzigraben 117 in Zurich. It serves the community of GL Zürich as a spiritual home and educational center. This is where the lectures recorded on audio and videotape are replayed every second weekend at services held by GL Zürich, and also where the community’s range of literature is published.



Knowledge on Christian Spirituality

Covers of the book series with lectures communicated through medium Beatrice Brunner by spirit-teachers Joseph and Lene

Beginnings of the complete edition of all German-language lectures imparted through Beatrice Brunner in four book series. The complete work will one day comprise of some 60 books with over 2,000 lectures.


Livestream from the Hall in Zurich

Symbolic image for Livestream

German-language services taking place in Zurich are transmitted via Livestream over the internet and can thereby be listened to live at home. There is also an audio archive with lectures, personal accounts, and meditations that can be listened to at any time. In addition, a keyword search (German-language only) enables an unrestricted search of specific terms within our entire published literature.