Deep-trance medium Beatrice Brunner


Beatrice Brunner was the most significant deep-trance medium in German-speaking countries of the 20th century.


For 35 years – from 1948 until her return home in 1983 – she acted as the medium for the Christian spiritual community known today as GL Zürich.

Beatrice Brunner was born on February 27, 1910 in the canton of Schwyz in Switzerland. In her youth she learned the profession of dressmaking and worked for several years in the well-known fashion house Grieder in Zurich. In the difficult times during and after the Second World War, Beatrice, now a wife and mother of two sons, ran a sewing-studio in Zurich, employing two seamstresses.

Beatrice Brunner possessed a high-standing mediumistic ability already as a child. This ability was only actively developed in adulthood, however, when she began to deal with questions of faith together with her spiritually-interested husband, Arthur Brunner. In need of enlightenment from a higher source about the fundamental questions of existence, Beatrice and Arthur Brunner succeeded in finding like-minded friends and managed to establish a connection with the spiritual world in this small circle. In 1947, a spirit who introduced himself to listeners with the name Joseph spoke through the medium of Beatrice Brunner for the first time; he was to become their loyal spiritual teacher for the next 35 years. October 23, 1948, when spirit-teacher Joseph spoke in front of a larger circle of listeners for the first time, is held as the foundation date of the community.

Already in its first years, the community experienced a great development. As early as 1950, the weekly lectures with medium Beatrice Brunner took place in the large hall of Zurich's Academy of Music. Toward the end of her work, audience numbers had grown to such an extent that, for major Christian festivals, services were held in Zurich’s Tonhalle or Kongresshaus.

In the autumn of 1983, Beatrice Brunner returned to the world beyond after a brief illness at the age of 73. Until a few months before her death, she worked as the deep-trance medium for the community. In terms of its duration, scope, and the continuity of lectures, her 35-year mediumistic activity is unique. In over 2,000 German-language lectures, comprehensive instruction in Christian spirituality was given through Beatrice Brunner. Most of these addresses, each lasting between sixty and ninety minutes, are stored on video or audiotape and are today replayed at services held by GL Zürich, as well as being published in several book series and the journals Geistige Welt and The Spiritual World.

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