All donations received are passed on to the selected institutions or foundations without any deduction whatsoever. This is only possible since the association is managed on a purely voluntary basis. Small expenditures, such as postage and printing, are covered by the membership fees.

At the beginning of every year all donors receive a confirmation of their donations of the previous year. Since the association is tax-exempt in Switzerland the donations are tax-deductable in all cantons.

To keep donors posted on all the activities of the individual relief projects, and in order to maintain transparency, annual reports and financial statements of Hilfswerk GL Zürich are sent out every year. These reports are included with the March/April issue of the journal Geistige Welt, the association’s official publication.

To make your donation please effect payment to one of the following accounts:

Account holder:
Hilfswerk GL Zürich, Letzigraben 117, CH-8047 Zürich

For donations in Swiss francs:
Postfinance, account no. 85-516875-4
IBAN: CH15 0900 0000 8551 6875 4, BIC: POFICHBE

For donations in Euros:
Postbank Hannover, account no. 8684303, BLZ 25010030
IBAN: DE76 2501 0030 0008 6843 03, BIC: PBNKDEFF

Further information:

Our projects     Annual reports

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