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Cover of the Journal The Spiritual World, Issue 6/2023 on the Theme of Christ – Our Savior
The Spiritual World 6/2023
Christ – Our Savior

“Rejoice, the Savior is born!” Every year at Christmas time, Christians are reminded anew of the birth of the Redeemer. But very few people know what this redemption actually means; hardly anyone knows that human beings are the fallen angels who once had to leave heaven because of their disobedience.

The lectures in this issue describe how Christ entered this world on God’s behalf in order to win back the fallen beings, to wrest them from Lucifer, who at one time had dragged them down with him, and to pave the way back to the Father for them all. Christ was thus able to promise, “I go to prepare a dwelling place for you in the kingdom of my Father.” For it is thanks to his work of redemption two thousand years ago that each one of us has the opportunity to walk the path of ascent and regain the once-lost heavenly home. To know about this opportunity should delight every human being. And, as suggested in one lecture of this issue, it is in this knowledge that we should bring joy to others in the name of Christ during the Christmas season, in great joy at having received from him such a precious gift ourselves.

Issue 6/2023
E-Journal, 18 pages (PDF)