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Cover of the Journal The Spiritual World, Issue 6/2019 on the Theme of The Redeemer is Born
The Spiritual World 6/2019
The Redeemer Is Born

In his mission on earth, Christ left nothing to chance. The explanations in this themed issue show how carefully Christ’s incarnation was prepared and discussed with the Father. Christ himself chose the angels who would accompany him in earthly life and give him support according to their abilities. He also chose the angel who would become his birth mother on earth. Among the ascending spirits, too, some were chosen who were marked for a special task in the earthly realm. In this way, the apostles and many other beings were chosen who would then meet Jesus as human beings. Even before their entry into human existence, it was explained to them in what manner they would one day experience the Savior. One was told, “You will be healed by him.” Another was told, “Christ will give you water, and you will take the vessel from his hands and drink.”

The spiritually-oriented human being can be given hope and comfort at any time in their life. Even when they are in distress and suffering, such hope can be given to them – it is a balm for them, it becomes a signpost, it once again gives them strength for life. Those who know the spiritual laws and are filled with faith do not fear death, because they are certain that they stand under the protection and guidance of divine beings and that they go to meet a better, more beautiful future.

Issue 6/2019
E-Journal, 24 pages (PDF)