Cover of the Journal The Spiritual World, Issue 6/2018
The Spiritual World 6/2018
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Awakening in Heavenly Bliss
Christ left a legacy to mankind; he spoke of love and mercy, of justice and peace. When human beings take up this legacy and live according to these principles they can someday be entrusted with uplifting tasks in the divine world. This is described in the following example of a sister of merit who could enter a beautiful plane where she was looked after by her former godmother and introduced to new and delightful tasks.

Strengthened and Trained Human Beings Are Required for Spiritual Progress on Earth
The divine world needs strong, well-trained beings who will do their utmost for spiritual progress in a later human existence. Returnees of merit are told: “We need you. You’ll have to enter human existence again once you are strengthened in spirit and your soul is enlightened. Then we may hope that you will fulfil your task.”

Issue 6/2018
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