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The Spiritual World 6/2016
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Preparations in the Spiritual World for Christ’s Mission on Earth
Long before Christ entered human incarnation for the redemption of mankind a great many preparations had been made. From amongst the angelic high princes of heaven, a selection was made of those who were to spread the belief in God among human beings; once in incarnation, they were known as prophets. Those singled out to fulfil a special task were not just chosen from among the angels but also from ascending spirits in the highest levels of ascent in hell.

Christmas – The Festival of Peace and Light
This holy hour brings harmony and peace to the soul. In this hour, near God, the soul enjoys the warmth of the light. Spiritually-oriented Christians who align themselves with God know the meaning of light. Human beings bear within themselves a tiny spark of the great light of God; it is their duty to unfold this light so that in time it will flood through their entire being.

Issue 6/2016
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