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Cover of the Journal The Spiritual World, Issue 6/2014
The Spiritual World 6/2014

Longing for Comfort at Christmas
The annual Christmas festival celebrating Christ’s birth is one of the most significant Christian celebrations. According to our spirit teacher Joseph, no other festival evokes such a longing for comfort in human beings. This fine feeling comes from the bottom of the soul – it is a yearning for truth, for the true comfort in God, in Christ and for the Kingdom of Christ. Once human beings realize that there is a homeland other than the earthly one, their souls radiate a light. This light opens the way to God’s spiritual world to have increasing influence on an individual, promoting in him that which is fine, tender and noble – and this has to grow and become strong.

Holy Time of Christmas – Dedication to the Lord
Spirit teacher Lene opens this lecture with a description of the recent arrival in the spiritual world of a faithful friend of our community. He was received by his earthly mother, his spiritual sister and by an elevated angel of God; he was cared for and received comfort and refreshment ... Following this report our angel-sister Lene turns to the topic of her lecture: the time of dedication to the Lord. This is what she calls the holy time of Christmas, for this time is dedicated to the Lord. Just as they did for the first time so many years ago, increasing numbers of heavenly angels descend from heaven to earth to herald the joyful news singing: “Hallelujah! Peace to mankind!” The angelic world makes sure that this message will never perish, that mankind will always remember the beginning and also the fulfilment of the plan of redemption.

Issue 6/2014
E-Journal, 15 pages (PDF)