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The Spiritual World 6/2013
Cover of the Journal The Spiritual World, Issue 6/2013
The Spiritual World 6/2013

You Earn Your Exact Place in Heaven
A male spirit who had already reached an elevated level of development burdened himself quite seriously during life on earth. In the course of this particular life he failed the new tests he was faced with which were in line with modern living conditions. Whereas, in the divine world, there is no retrograding or return to lower planes of ascent, there are, however, nicer and less nice places within the same plane. Thus, this being was led to a less beautiful place but within the same plane he had lived in before his unfortunate incarnation. Here, too, he was consoled by divine angels who helped him to gradually erase the burdensome and sorrowful memories of the past.

The Angel and the Vagabonds
Even in death, human thinking and church-inculcated beliefs will continue in the beyond, since it is part of the personality or the soul. This being so, two vagabonds, Frederik and Vinzenz, lived in the beyond for a long time with the firm belief they were condemned for all eternity because on earth they had been in constant conflict with the law. The hope that God’s mercy would also rule over them grew only very slowly. Through guidance by angels and by observing the kind of blessing that is spread on earth by the heavenly world during the festive season of Christmas, they then found the gracious path of their spiritual ascent.

Issue 6/2013
E-Journal, 15 pages (PDF)