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Cover of the Journal The Spiritual World, Issue 5/2022 on the Theme of Drugs and Addictions
The Spiritual World 5/2022
Drugs and Addictions

When a human being with an addiction dies, their addiction is not overcome after death. The soul still has the same craving for those substances as it had while clothed in a human body. When death occurs – with the separation of body and spirit – the addictive substance’s impure od, which had harmed the earthly body, is absorbed by the spiritual body. It now depends on whether the spirit world of God is prepared to offer such a sick homecomer its services.

The three lectures in this themed issue provide information on the consequences of a drug or alcohol addiction following death, using concrete examples to explain how addicted spirit beings are cared for in the world beyond. Spirits of God have insight into the nature of each individual and know what is healing for them. While they must deal with some more severely, they can be more loving and understanding with others, helping them to remove the addictive substance’s murky od from their spirit body.

Issue 5/2022
E-Journal, 21 pages (PDF)