Cover of the Journal The Spiritual World, Issue 5/2020 on the Theme of Health
The Spiritual World 5/2020
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This themed issue contains a wealth of explanations from a spiritual perspective on the health of a human being’s body and soul.

Just as modern means of transport require fuel, so too does the human being require energy for their life – this is odic power, which flows through their whole body. If they receive too little from a particular odic current, a certain disharmony or deficiency develops, and illnesses can break out. Those who feel a physical weakness or discomfort could, of their own accord, seek for the energies they lack.

Water, air, fire (warmth), and earth are among the most important sources of od or energy for life on this earth. Someone may, for example, find rejuvenation in a mountain health resort, whereas someone else can be helped by a stay at the sea or at a certain healing spring. An important role in the treatment of illnesses is played by the odic energies of particular plants that have been known to human beings as healing herbs since time immemorial.

Issue 5/2020
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