Cover of the Journal The Spiritual World, Issue 5/2019 on the Theme of Dying Process of Human Beings
The Spiritual World 5/2019
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Dying Process of Human Beings
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This themed issue explains, by means of several examples, what happens when a human being dies. In a human being, spirit and body are connected to one another by an odic bond; life force is drawn through this so-called ‘silver cord’ (Ecc. 12:6). If the physical organism is impaired in its vital functions, this cord is severed and the human being dies. The dying person is, as a rule, supported by spirits of God. They help the departing spirit release itself from the physical body. In one lecture of this issue, a deceased woman tells of her personal experiences when crossing over into the world beyond; she describes in detail how she perceived the helping missionary spirits. This themed issue contains various questions and answers. Spirit-teacher Joseph explains, among other things, the differences between a sudden accidental death and the slow dying process of an older or seriously ill person. Furthermore, he provides information on whether the difference between burying or cremating a body holds any significance for the deceased person.

Issue 5/2019
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