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Cover of the Journal The Spiritual World, Issue 5/2014
The Spiritual World 5/2014

A Long Way to Integration in the Divine Order
Spirit teacher Joseph tells us about the spiritual development of a man named Eugen who lived in a mountain village earning the daily bread for his family as a casual worker. It was Eugen’s greatest wish to travel to foreign countries but he didn’t have the means to fulfil his ambition. After he died and arrived in the beyond his sole quest was to go on such a journey. The heavenly world granted him freedom for a long time during which he was to make his own experiences. This was granted to him as he had distinguished himself on earth through his great helpfulness without having burdened himself unduly. We also learn how it was that his integration into the spiritual order was delayed. Finally, the divine world, with the assistance of Eugen’s former earthly mother, was able to transform his thinking concerning higher goals by persuading him to visit various spiritual schools.

Introduction to the High School of Life
Throughout life, human beings have the choice between the high and the low. They give expression to this in their manner of thinking, speaking and acting. Lene illustrates this through two symbols: the house of the high school of life and the house of the low school of life. During life on earth, human beings should endeavor to access the house of the high school of life all the while steering clear of the house of the low school of life which cannot open up the way to the heights. The desire to cultivate within more sublime spiritual values – i.e. stay in the house of the high school of life – requires one to draw ever closer to our great Master, Christ, through prayer.

Issue 5/2014
E-Journal, 15 pages (PDF)