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Issues of the journal The Spiritual World can be read online, free of charge.
Cover of the Journal The Spiritual World, Issue 4/2023 on the Theme of Preparation for a New Earthly Life
The Spiritual World 4/2023
Preparation for a New Earthly Life

The lectures in this themed issue detail the care taken by spirits of God in preparing their ascending brothers and sisters for their next human life. The beings awaiting incarnation are told exactly what the divine world expects from their upcoming life on earth and the kind of tasks they will have to fulfill. They are also informed about the dangers and temptations found in the earthly world. Today, in affluent, technologically advanced societies, these are different from what they were in previous centuries, when the lives of most people were shaped by great poverty and hunger. One lecture in this issue was given by a female being who herself is about to be reincarnated on earth. Her impressive personal account describes her mixed feelings as she faces her uncertain future: how many concerns and fears, but also how much hope and trust in God.

Issue 4/2023
E-Journal, 18 pages (PDF)