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Issues of the journal The Spiritual World can be read online, free of charge.
Cover of the Journal The Spiritual World, Issue 4/2021 on the Theme of Music
The Spiritual World 4/2021

Perfection is not to be found in any area of the physical world. Even the most beautiful thing that nature or human art has to offer is imperfect. Perfection only exists in the vicinity of God. In the first lecture of this issue, spirit-teacher Lene speaks about the experience of music in the high heavens. There, music is something alive. A concert is not only an audio experience, it is simultaneously like colorful fireworks that sparkle from the notes.

In the second lecture, Lene discusses the great artists of heaven, who continuously compose new works to the glory of God and whose music is performed by blessed brothers and sisters. The heavenly masters, whether composers or musicians, are permeated by the awareness that they owe their abilities and talents entirely to God. They do not place themselves in the foreground – they step aside. This is a basic requirement to be able to receive the power of inspiration from the divine heights.

In the third lecture of this issue, spirit-teacher Joseph describes the afterlife experience of a young mother who died in a sudden accident. While on earth she had loved music above all else. In cooperation with other musicians, she was able to overcome separation from her family and found happiness and fulfillment in creative musical activity.

The issue ends with several answers from spirit-teacher Joseph to questions on the subject of music, including one about the various sources of inspiration.

Issue 4/2021
E-Journal, 24 pages (PDF)