Cover of the Journal The Spiritual World, Issue 4/2018
The Spiritual World 4/2018
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How Human Beings Are Judged and Organized by the Divine World
Although many people believe in God they don’t take their faith, and the laws embodied therein, all that seriously. A second large group doesn’t believe at all in the Creator and in Christ. And finally, there is the third group which possesses a deep and firm faith and lives according to the divine laws. Based on examples, this lecture describes how the divine world allocates those returning from their life on earth to one of these three groups and how they fare in the spiritual world.

Visiting Three Altars
In this meditation our angelic sister Lene leads us to spiritual heights, to a temple with three altars in honor of God, Christ and the high spiritual world. Everyone can now light a torch with the warmth and goodness of his heart and offer this spiritual light as a present – in honor, in praise and in gratefulness.

Issue 4/2018
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