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Cover of the Journal The Spiritual World, Issue 4/2014
The Spiritual World 4/2014

A Spiritual Guidance
Spirit teacher Lene together with your guardian angel guides us on a spiritual tour through the varied spiritual nature. In this meditation she leads us through a forest to a well with healing water, to a tree whose fine spiritual od we absorb, and then we experience the splendor of a field of ripe corn. Along the way we pass a wonderfully fragrant field of flowers and a waterfall the dew of which moistens and heals us. Finally, as we climb upwards to a temple with pillars all around, we hear from afar wonderful celestial music praising the Creator. With jubilant and joyful hearts, we join in the singing and chanting.

Stuck in the Memories of a Comfortable Life on Earth
Helene had enjoyed a very pleasant, prosperous life on earth and lived on a beautiful estate. However, she was far removed from God – she was totally focussed on the beautiful things of the earthly world and never gave God a thought. After her death she awoke in the beyond at first in a rather unlovely place and lived together with beings that she didn’t especially like. She wasn’t prepared to accept any advice which would have helped her improve her situation; she withdrew into her memories. Only after a long period did she come to realize that she would have to change her way of thinking and give up her passivity. With the help of a meritorious former acquaintance from earth, she finally set out on her path towards the spiritual heights.

Issue 4/2014
E-Journal, 12 pages (PDF)