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Cover of the Journal The Spiritual World, Issue 4/2013
The Spiritual World 4/2013

Human Beings in Two Worlds
Every human being is responsible for his life, his thinking and will. He will receive guidance to do good and avoid evil from within – from his conscience and his power of belief. He needs to guide his lifeboat skillfully in order to gain spiritual merit. Thanks to his firm belief and the support of the divine spiritual world he will become a successful master builder.

Happy Reunion of Mother and Daughter
On her return from life on earth a good soul was first of all allowed to stay with her mother and to enjoy the magnificent spring in an elevated plane. A lovely reception was given in her honor which was also attended by an exalted prince of heaven. After this affectionate welcome, this being also experienced the review of her past and a period of purification. Just as everyone returning from life on earth, she had to undergo this period first before being given her wonderful duties in the spiritual world.

Issue 4/2013
E-Journal, 17 pages (PDF)