Cover of the Journal The Spiritual World, Issue 3/2018
The Spiritual World 3/2018
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Sources of Strength and Confidence on the Path of Life
God has given every human being the means to cope with his fate and to be happy. In order to strengthen himself for his life path everyone has to find the sources which are suitable for him and which give him joy and healing.

Marked for a Special Task
By having led a truly pious life and having aligned themselves with the will of God, deceased human beings have accelerated their ascent and can be given entirely different preparation in the spiritual world than those who return without belief in God. In such cases the divine world can entrust these individuals with a significant task for their next life on earth. This is illustrated in the following story of a man who distinguished himself in his earthly life through peacefulness, justice and the defense of his fellow human beings; in short, he became an example to others.

Issue 3/2018
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