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Cover of the Journal The Spiritual World, Issue 3/2014
The Spiritual World 3/2014

Whitsun – The Meaning of the Word “Spirit”
The term “spirit” means different things to different people. In Christianity, too, there are different opinions on what is meant by the term “holy spirit”. Human spiritualists, however, who have received instruction from the divine spiritual world, have a more precise perception based on their respective insights. Such knowledge can help them to immerse themselves in and strengthen their belief and to develop a more vibrant relationship with their true homeland, with Christ and God.

“In the Beginning the Word Was Already in God”
In this lecture spirit teacher Joseph explains to us the central importance of Christ in the entire creation. The spiritual world, including all the legions of angels, was created through Christ. However, there are many beings in the levels of ascent in the beyond who do not yet acknowledge Christ as the only-begotten Son of God and as King of the entire spiritual world. Provided they believed in God when living on earth, such returnees will receive instruction concerning the plan of salvation from angels of God. Nevertheless, each individual has his free will to either accept or reject these teachings. In accordance with their personal decision, the future path of spiritual development of each being will be paved accordingly.

Issue 3/2014
E-Journal, 14 pages (PDF)