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Issues of the journal The Spiritual World can be read online, free of charge.


The Spiritual World 2/2021
  • What Happens to a Cherished Pet after Its Death?
  • Animals in the World Beyond
  • Spiritual Animals as Guardians of Human Beings

E-Journal, 20 pages (PDF)
Issue 2/2021
The Spiritual World 3/2021
Fate and Karma
  • The Distinction between Fates That Are God Willed and Those That Are Not
  • The Fates of Individuals, Families, Groups, and Nations
  • A Plan Is Mapped Out for Every Human Being – Angels of God Watch Over Its Fulfillment

E-Journal, 19 pages (PDF)
Issue 3/2021
The Spiritual World 4/2021
  • The Colorful Experience of Music in the High Heavens
  • Where Heavenly Artists Receive the Power of Inspiration
  • Developing Musical Talent in the World Beyond

E-Journal, 24 pages (PDF)
Issue 4/2021
The Spiritual World 5/2021
  • Accidental Death of a Young Family Man – Comforting Support from the World Beyond
  • Love and Connection beyond Death
  • Temporary Separation

E-Journal, 24 pages (PDF)
Issue 5/2021
The Spiritual World 6/2021
Jesus’ Younger Years
  • Insights into Jesus’ Childhood and Family Life
  • From Jesus’ Life between Childhood and Adulthood
  • The Twelve-Year-Old Jesus in the Temple

E-Journal, 21 pages (PDF)
Issue 6/2021
The Spiritual World 1/2021
Christianity’s Lost Knowledge
  • Key Terms in Spiritual Teaching – An Introduction to Christian Spirituality
  • Insights into the Origin of Creation and the Fall of the Spirits
  • God’s Plan of Salvation and Redemption

E-Journal, 19 pages (PDF)
Issue 1/2021