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Cover of the Journal The Spiritual World, Issue 3/2020 on the Theme of Sleep Life of Human Beings
The Spiritual World 3/2020
Sleep Life of Human Beings

A good, undisturbed sleep is essential for the health of a human being. It is not only the earthly body that finds recovery in this time; rather, the spirit can also be strengthened in a variety of ways. In the hours of rest, the human spirit is able to release itself from its earthly body and go its own way. In this themed issue, the different possibilities of such spiritual experiences are outlined. Depending on their personal level of development and interests, a human spirit can pass through earthly or spiritual regions during the hours of rest, be led by spirits of God, receive instruction, or carry out tasks. After awakening, a human being generally remembers nothing of what they experienced as a spirit during the hours of sleep. In order for a spiritual experience or a guardian spirit’s exhortation to be taken into waking consciousness, particular preparations are required on the part of the human being or on the part of the divine world. By means of an experience report, the second lecture in this themed journal explains how a guardian spirit can give a human being a meaningful message, for example through dream images.

Issue 3/2020
E-Journal, 20 pages (PDF)