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Issues of the journal The Spiritual World can be read online, free of charge.
Cover of the Journal The Spiritual World, Issue 4/2019
The Spiritual World 4/2019

Believing, yet Without Belief in a Spiritual World
The highest gift God gave to human beings is free will and reason. This allows human beings to investigate questions of belief ultimately deciding what is acceptable to them. In the beyond, no one can make the excuse that he had been taught differently, because everyone is responsible for himself.

Maria – Her Initial Experiences in the Beyond
In her earthly life Maria had been religious and prayed a lot. She simply accepted everything that she had been told to believe without giving it much thought. Initially she had to find her own way in the divine world and have a few experiences. In a church she witnessed the battle between good and evil. She even tried to intervene in the events and help a desperate young woman.

Issue 4/2019
E-Journal, 17 pages (PDF)