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Cover of the Journal The Spiritual World, Issue 3/2019
The Spiritual World 3/2019

“I Shall Remain with You Until the End of the World”
At the Ascension Christ returned to the Father as victor. Nevertheless, he promised his own that he would not leave them behind orphaned because he knew that the relationship with him and the divine world was of the greatest importance for the spiritual future of every human being. Therefore, Christ promised the people to send them the spirits of truth that would protect, console and instruct them.

The True Church of Christ
Christ’s church should be in the hearts of human beings. To bear it within means to obey God’s commandments and Christ’s teaching. Wherever on earth human beings are living they can fulfil their tasks, treat their neighbors lovingly, be kind and understanding to their fellow human beings and lead a just life.

Issue 3/2019
E-Journal, 13 pages (PDF)