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Issues of the journal The Spiritual World can be read online, free of charge.


The Spiritual World 2/2017
  • Christ Fulfilled the Task Given Him by the Father
  • The Heavenly Language of Angels

E-Journal, 16 pages (PDF)
Issue 2/2017
The Spiritual World 1/2017
  • What Is Created on a Small Scale Will Grow and Expand
  • “I Go Forth in Order to Prepare a Home for You”

E-Journal, 14 pages (PDF)
Issue 1/2017
The Spiritual World 3/2017
  • Whitsun: A Festival of Fulfilment
  • Human Life Consists of Weaving One’s Own Spiritual Garment

E-Journal, 15 pages (PDF)
Issue 3/2017
The Spiritual World 4/2017
  • A Spiritual Field Trip to Earth
  • Heinrich – The Return of a Good but Unbelieving Person

E-Journal, 23 pages (PDF)
Issue 4/2017
The Spiritual World 5/2017
  • The Blessed Day and the Blessed Life
  • Jesus’ Parable of the Lost

E-Journal, 15 pages (PDF)
Issue 5/2017
The Spiritual World 6/2017
  • The Saviour Is Born – A Message of Consolation and Hope
  • The Noble Values in Human Souls Want to Be Expressed

E-Journal, 16 pages (PDF)
Issue 6/2017