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Cover of the Journal The Spiritual World, Issue 5/2016
The Spiritual World 5/2016

Two Parables with Encoded Reference to Reincarnation
In this lecture two parables are explained which point covertly to reincarnation. The first is the parable of the vine and the branches and the second the comparison of the flesh and blood of the Lord which is offered as spiritual food and drink for human beings. Jesus’ disciples understood these parables in a human way and therefore were unable to comprehend them. At that time, Christ had to clarify them; in our time, people need the insights from a divine spirit who reveals the true meaning of these words.

“Fritz the Beggar” – Initial Experiences of a Simple Farmer
A spiritual being – who was a farmer in his past life on earth with a family of eleven children to provide for – was still possessed by the weakness of drunkenness. Money was often lacking and it was the village baker, who had a good heart, who secretly supported this family. The relationship between the farmer and baker continued in the spiritual world for the betterment of the farmer.

Issue 5/2016
E-Journal, 17 pages (PDF)