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Cover of the Journal The Spiritual World, Issue 4/2016
The Spiritual World 4/2016

Od – The Spiritual Life Force in the Levels of Ascent
In recounting a teaching excursion with two adolescent girls, spirit teacher Lene tells us about the ascent of the fallen spirits: the manner in which they have to work their way up through nature, the realm of plants and animals up to the level of human existence. We learn from the example of blades of grass and foliage about growth and decay in nature: the way in which powerful streams of od pick up the sparks of life from the realm of plants, only to be returned for renewed animation, at the appropriate time, to the same level of development or, after transformation, to a slightly higher level. In addition, we learn about the diversity and the differentiation of divine intervention in ascending life.

The Spiritual Trail to One’s Own Past
Every being has left behind an odic trail in the course of his existence – from his spiritual birth up to his present life. An ascending spirit on a higher level of ascent can follow this trail. Those who return home with significant spiritual insight and merit can also investigate their own spiritual roots unaided by the angelic world. They can follow their trail and will then find their true spiritual homeland as well.

Issue 4/2016
E-Journal, 18 pages (PDF)