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Cover of the Journal The Spiritual World, Issue 5/2015
The Spiritual World 5/2015

Ways of Atonement and Purification
Virtues and vices are firmly inscribed in everyone’s soul also after earthly death; one takes them along into the world beyond. The example of a violent and evil man on earth by the name of Albert describes how the divine world has to act in order to lead this being into the divine order and towards his ascent. Therefore, an exigent purification was required for him to become humble. His change of attitude brought about his true penitence enabling him to forget his old self and deeds.

Early Death Due to a Hunting Accident
Not everything that befalls human beings during their life is foreordained. In this lecture spirit teacher Joseph initially describes a fate that was inflicted by a human being himself. He then focuses on irreversible destinies which had been foreordained in the divine world. However, the divine world is always ready to alleviate fates. It lies in the divine wisdom that as far as all these events are concerned human beings don’t know the cause of their destiny; it is important, however, that they accept it.

Issue 5/2015
E-Journal, 18 pages (PDF)