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Cover of the Journal The Spiritual World, Issue 3/2015 on the Theme of History of Christianity
The Spiritual World 3/2015
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History of Christianity
Kurzer Titel für die erste Ebene

Christ's teaching has lost much of its truth and vitality over the centuries. In this themed issue, spirit-teacher Joseph traces this development. He gives an insight into the conditions of original Christendom and shows how, in contrast to later times, the first Christians still maintained a living connection to the world beyond. During church services, holy spirits spoke through a mediumistic human being, giving teachings and instructions. In this way, the world of God also appointed the leaders of the congregations, the so-called bishops. These leaders also possessed mediumistic abilities. As ever more personalities with worldly prestige and riches converted to Christianity and developed the church into a power, the mediums, and thus the spirits of truth, were increasingly repressed. For people were no longer in agreement when a holy spirit, often through the mouth of a simple person, exhorted them to humility and modesty and reprimanded them when the commandments of God were violated.

Issue 3/2015
Band der Bücherreihe, Ausgabe der Zeitschrift
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