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Cover of the Journal The Spiritual World, Issue 5/2013
The Spiritual World 5/2013

When Human Beings Cause Accidents Themselves
In this lecture spirit teacher Joseph refers to an air crash in Switzerland which occurred three weeks earlier, in which all passengers were killed. Subsequent investigations proved that the accident was caused by a bomb attack. The divine world is not responsible for such events, and thus one cannot speak of predestination. From this lecture we learn about the great love and care with which missionary angels as well as relatives and acquaintances console and look after these victims and how they are introduced to the order in the divine world.

Preparations for a Life on Earth
The time required for preparing a life on earth can vary for all levels of development. The beings are instructed by heavenly messengers, and the dangers of human existence are pointed out to them. Together with his protégé, a divine angel studies the individual’s previous lives on earth, his merits and failures. The angel knows precisely what can be expected of a spirit in preparation for incarnation. In every instance a heavenly being takes care of such a soul, organizing and supervising everything. Through two examples we see how pledges made in the spiritual world were realized in the course of each life to the blessing of many human beings.

Issue 5/2013
E-Journal, 13 pages (PDF)