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Cover of the Journal The Spiritual World, Issue 2/2022 on the Theme of The Last Judgment and the New Law
The Spiritual World 2/2022
Last Judgment and the New Law

In Christianity, the term “Last Judgment” is generally understood as referring to an event in the distant future. In reality, however, the Last Judgment already took place long ago – namely, when Christ descended into hell after his crucifixion, penetrating into the domain of his adversary, Lucifer. There, he held a reckoning, spirit to spirit. The lectures in this themed issue explain how Christ imposed the new conditions and the new law upon the conquered Lucifer, and what this means for the fallen spirits.

Until that point, Lucifer had exercised an almost unrestricted dominion over his subjects. In accordance with the new law, Lucifer must now release every being who wishes to return home to the Father’s house. In the most precise detail, the new law maps out the ascent for all fallen creatures. This order is unchangeable – it will retain its validity until the “end of the world”, that is, until this earthly world has been spiritualized and the last spirit separated from God has found the path back into the kingdom of heaven.

Issue 2/2022
E-Journal, 24 pages (PDF)