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Issues of the journal The Spiritual World can be read online, free of charge.
Cover of the Journal The Spiritual World, Issue 2/2021 on the Theme of Animals
The Spiritual World 2/2021

This themed issue is dedicated to animals and their spiritual life and ascent in the world beyond. In the first lecture, spirit-teacher Joseph describes the experiences of an animal lover who was allowed to observe spiritual happenings in an earthly forest after his death. The report illustrates the following: spirits of God watch over everything in earthly nature; they concern themselves with animals, care for them when they are sick, and receive the animal spirits when the animals die. These explanations, together with the words of spirit-teacher Lene, give animal lovers the comforting assurance that animals live on and that their bond with human beings endures beyond death. Lene describes how a human being’s guardian spirit or deceased relatives have the possibility of bringing a deceased pet to its former master, with whom it can fulfill certain tasks. At the end of this issue there are several questions and answers on the theme of animals. Among other explanations, spirit-teacher Joseph gives an answer to the question of how migratory birds are able to find the route to their wintering grounds and back to their breeding grounds every year.

Issue 2/2021
E-Journal, 20 pages (PDF)