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The Spiritual World 2/2016
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“I Am the Vine and You Are the Branches”
With this parable of the vine and the branches (John 15, 1–8) Jesus tried to give basic explanations to his listeners about the plan of salvation and redemption. He gave great consideration to their circumstances and their level of understanding; they neither knew the sense of Christ’s incarnation nor the sense of their own human existence.

Man’s Relationship with the Divine World
Fate in the life of human beings can have different causes. It may be brought on because of one’s own imprudent actions or the neglect of spiritual values. A fate as, for instance, an early death, can overtake a human being through divine intervention in his life, and this could even be at the request of an ascending spirit from his own spiritual family in order to promote the spiritual ascent of his relative.

Issue 2/2016
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