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The Spiritual World 2/2015
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The Realm of God Is among You
It is a very great pleasure for believing Christians to celebrate Easter, the feast of the resurrection of Christ, because on this occasion the Son of God clearly demonstrated that life after earthly death continues in the divine world. Christianity is also repeatedly reminded of the great battle Christ fought against evil both on earth and in the realm of death, as well as of the fundamental changes Christ’s victory brought about for each individual.

The Spiritual Teachers of Human Beings
Many people ask God for a “master” to accompany them in life and for spiritual gifts too – for this talent or that talent. With the help of the divine world, a human being can develop his talents provided the desired attribute exists in his soul. A sincere effort must be made, however, to lead a spiritually elevated life which will then make it possible to be given a teacher.

Issue 2/2015
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