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Issues of the journal The Spiritual World can be read online, free of charge.
Cover of the Journal The Spiritual World, Issue 1/2023 on the Theme of Space and Time
The Spiritual World 1/2023
Space and Time

In the spiritual world – the world of eternity – space and time play a completely different role than in the material world of human beings. Whereas we are able to experience day and night and track the passing of the days by means of the sun, time in the spiritual world is measured differently. Events from the past can once again be brought into the present for a spirit, so that they experience it as though they really were back in that time. But it is not just time – space in the beyond is also not limited in the way that it is with us. Thousands of kilometers in the spiritual world do not have the same meaning as they do for us, and the greatest of distances can be overcome in the briefest of time. Higher and lower spheres are not simply stacked on top of each other, as a human being would like to imagine with their earthly way of thinking; in the beyond, spheres can flow into one another and yet remain strictly separated.

This themed issue illuminates the nature of space and time and, among other things, explains how a cat is able to find its way back home across dozens of kilometers even after being transported away along an entirely different route.

Issue 1/2023
E-Journal, 16 pages (PDF)