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Cover of the Journal The Spiritual World, Issue 1/2016
The Spiritual World 1/2016

Are Prosperity and Well-Being Useful for Spiritual Ascent?
Many people believe prosperity and well-being would make them happier in life. However, many become estranged from God in their pursuit of earthly wealth and damage themselves spiritually. In this lecture, the reader learns about the difficult path such a being had to tread in the spiritual world after his earthly death until he could finally liberate himself from his earthly way of thinking.

Every Nation and Every Race Is on the Path of Ascent
The background to this lecture is the Black Civil Rights Movement in the USA in the spring of 1965. Shortly before the date of this lecture, two civil rights marches took place in the city of Selma (Alabama), demonstrating the desire of African-American citizens to exercise their constitutional right to vote. Whereas the first march on 7th March, called Bloody Sunday, was brutally attacked by State Troopers, a second march two days later, called Turnaround Tuesday and lead by Martin Luther King, was more peaceful thanks to Dr. King’s finesse and demeanor. At a strategic moment in the march he spontaneously called for prayer and preached a sermon. Spirit teacher Joseph was prompted by the dramatic events of those days to take a look at the battle for equal rights of the black population from the spiritual point of view.

Issue 1/2016
E-Journal, 15 pages (PDF)