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The Spiritual World 1/2014
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Faith as a Test of Life
As spirit teacher Joseph explains: the Christian faith has to come alive again in human beings. Specifically meant are belief in God, in Christ and particularly belief in the holy spiritual world and in reincarnation. The importance of these things fails to be seen in many instances. The interest of human beings in life after death and in personal spiritual existence has to be awakened.

Chained to Earthly Wealth
There is a difference between earthly and spiritual wealth – something which is illustrated in an impressive way in the personal account of Christoph. His mind was preoccupied with his gold coin treasure which he had collected throughout his life on earth. It was ever so important to him and this became his obstacle in the beyond. When he arrived in the spiritual world his way of thinking was caught up at first in his human idea of spiritual wealth. Only with the help of solicitous angels who took care of him was he gradually able to change his way of thinking and to set off in order to gain everlasting values.

Issue 1/2014
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