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The Spiritual World 1/2013
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Sources of Healing Power
Christ, the King of the spiritual world reminded his spirits of creation to ensure particularly that sources of healing are placed throughout the entire creation. He requested his spirits of creation: “Every one of you, in every field of your duties, always make sure that you place into matter something with a healing effect.” Thus, healing forces are to be found in water, in herbs, in the earth and atmosphere. Some people on earth, too, have the gift to transmit healing forces to their fellow human beings.

Reverence for All Life
It is a demanding challenge for human beings to show goodness and benevolence and to approach their neighbor in this way. Therefore, many spiritual beings are filled with awe when faced with a future life on earth and ask for a delay and for special support and strength. Others again enter this path with joy and confidence since they recognize the many even greater possibilities that are offered to them in this way for their ascent.

Issue 1/2013
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