Lebanon – Emergeny Appeal

The major explosion in the port of Beirut on 4 August 2020 has hit Lebanon in a time of serious economic and political crisis. The country is in urgent need of international aid.

Please make your donations using the reference ‘Lebanon’.

The funds received will be passed on to the Swiss Red Cross (SRC). The SRC is supporting the emergency relief efforts of the Lebanese Red Cross. In its appeal for emergency aid, it writes:

‘The Lebanese Red Cross has deployed all of its medical personnel to assist the victims of this disaster. 75 ambulances and 375 emergency medical teams have been sent to the affected districts to retrieve and treat the injured. First aid posts have been set up at various locations in the city to provide first aid as quickly as possible. Given the significant demand for blood, the Lebanese Red Cross has called on the population to donate blood. In addition to this, temporary shelters have already been provided to over 1,000 affected families, where they can obtain food and hygiene kits, including face masks, but also mattresses and blankets. Clean water for drinking and washing, as well as sanitary facilities, are also available in the shelters.

The Swiss Red Cross is supporting the emergency relief efforts of its sister organization with 500,000 Swiss francs. This will be used to accommodate additional families in temporary shelters. In total, the Lebanese Red Cross plans to create room for 10,000 affected families over the coming three months. We are also supporting the reconstruction of two damaged blood donation centers and strengthening the blood donation service so that the overburdened hospitals receive safe blood supplies in time.’

We thank you sincerely for your donation!


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